From seed to garment, we’ve found a dreamy brand that ensures you are buying fair trade clothing that is ethically and sustainable made. 

Kowtow is a brand hailing from New Zealand. Founded in 2007 by sustainability enthusiast  Gosia Piatek, Kowtow is now the brand on the lips of all ethical fashion fans. 

So, why is Kowtow so special? To set the tone, when the brand couldn’t find ethically sourced zips, they designed without zips. They’re dedicated, and here’s the proof.

  • Kowtow only uses 100% fair trade certified cotton, as certified by the Fair trade Labelling Organisations International (FLOI)
  • They only use 100% organic certified cotton, as certified by SKAL International
  • Factory sponsors projects such as Girls Education, Cow Shed and Cow Donation programs in the farmers’ villages. 
  • All fabric is dyed using Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) approved dyes which are free of hazardous elements such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Employees receive a living wage, and the factory pays for their social security and pension funds.
  • Employees receive House Rent, which is 5% of their basic wages. 
  • Employees receive free transport services to the factory.
  • Employees receive paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance, subsidies lunches and overtime pay.
  • Employees’ children all receive free schooling.
  • Employees work in a well lit, well ventilated and spacious working environment.
  • Benefit from work place unions.
  • Their fair trade producers benefit from advance payment and long-term relationships with buyers.
  • Also, the fair trade producer groups are democratically run and respect the rights of farmers and farm workers.
  • Fair trade production standards encourage sustainable agriculture and protection of the environment
(Facts and figures relevant and featured on on August 16th 2017)

So, it’s pretty impressive and added to this is the style, quality and cut are never compromised.  Kowtow have found a special place in our hearts here at Stiall – it’s like the love child of an ethical Cos meets Copenhagen cool. 

Check out some of our favourite looks below.


Blazer, €155

Dress, €174

Overalls, €185

Dress, €155

Jumper, €148


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