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I’m Linda, and this is STIALL. A website I’ve been wanting create for a long time.  STIALL is an Irish word – meaning to strip, remove all coverings. That’s what I hope this website will do. Unearth some truths about sustainability and make things more transparent.

Being an conscious consumer doesn’t come easy, especially when you can buy an outfit for the same price as your lunch. I’ve been trying for two years and I’m always learning and failing. Thinking I made made the best choice, then figuring there was a better one.

It’s difficult to gain honest information about the social, environmental and sustainability policies from brands. Early on, I’ll admit that reverting back to my old ways seemed easier, but I couldn’t. I’d poked a bear. My shopping habits were changing for good.

STIALL does not claim to know everything or have all the answers. We’re here to talk about issues, raise awareness and look at some slick brands along the way. To be clear, we’re not saying boycott brands, we’re talking about questioning brands and reassessing our habits.

Let’s chat about Ethical fashion, sustainability, slow fashion, fast fashion, transparency, social and environmental impacts and how we could make better decisions.

So that’s us, that’s STIALL. We hope you like it.

Linda x




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