As you know, we don’t believe in disposable fashion. If you spend your hard earned cash on anything, it should last and take pride of place in your wardrobe for the longest time imaginable. Also, to be fully sustainable, we believe products should be made with social and environmental consciousness. 

So how do we start this conversation and asses how much we actually own versus how much of we wear? We’ve set a group of very brilliant women the challenge of wearing only 30 items in their wardrobe for 30 days with an absolute ban on shopping.


What’s it all about 

We’re committed to making a change in the way we buy, in the way we consume and use our clothing. There’s force in numbers, that’s why we have invited some brilliant Irish women to come and take part in the #stiallchallenge. Over the coming week’s we’ll be documenting their journey with all ups and downs included. 
Let’s discuss and experiment with sustainable style. Is it doable, can we resist shopping or do we have enough items that we can wear for different occasions. It’s about starting the conversation of sustainability, and perhaps encouraging others to do the same. 


Want in?

We’d love for you to join us on the journey! Here’s the how to.

  • Pick 30 items from your wardrobe
  • For 30 days document your outfit choice. Take a selfie or get a friend involved!
  • Share your journey with us online by using #stiallchallenge
  • Keep in touch, any questions or problems we’re here on
  • Be honest. If you’re finding it difficult share that too, sustainability isn’t always easy



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