Being a sustainable consumer is no easy task. So we’ve enlisted the help of some of the Fashion Industry’s most respected Editors and stylists to tell us about their most coveted items and why they’re standing the test of time in their wardrobes. 

First up, Vicki Notaro, Editor of STELLAR magazine. Before joining STELLAR in 2017 you’ll have seenVicki’s name across a huge range of titles including the Irish Independent, The Irish Times, The Sunday Business Post, Glamour and Buzzfeed. From photoshoots to client meetings no two days are the same – Today, she tells Stiall what cuts the mustard through the eyes of in the demanding wardrobe of an editor. 


1) A staple bag

“I bought my Tom Ford Alix Hobo bag to celebrate becoming the editor of STELLAR back in January, and it is one of my most prized possessions. I’m much more of a bag than a shoe gal as I have awkward feet, and I wanted a bag that would do me every day rather than one I only took out for special occasions. It needed to be big, and I love the simplicity of black leather with gold accents, so this was the bag for me. I mind it a lot, keep it moisturised, and I hope that I’ll have it for a very long time.”
Tom Ford, see here

2) A leather jacket

“Another black and gold leather gem is my calf’s leather jacket from ZARA. I’ve had it for five years, it gets better with age and I adore the studded lapels. I wear it everywhere. The only pain in the bum with it is that it’s difficult to get leather dry cleaned in Dublin – if anyone has any tips, I’d be delighted to hear them!”

3) The perfect jeans

“I got a pair of POCO By Pippa All Stars in Black a few months back and I love them. They’re good quality denim meaning they fit well, and they don’t shrink when you wash them (is there anything worse than trying to put on a clean pair of jeans only to find they’re two sizes smaller?!). I think with jeans, it’s worth spending a little more to get that better fit and quality.”
POCO, see here

4) A statement mini bag

“I’m sensing a black theme here, but let’s go with it, My husband bought me a Gucci Marmont Matelasse mini bag in – you guessed it! – black and gold for a wedding present, and I nearly died when he gave it to me. So now I have my fab day bag and my perfect evening/city break bag, and it means I’m just not bothered buying trendy cheap ones. It goes across my body so it’s safe as houses, and it goes with absolutely everything. Obsessed.”
Gucci, see here


5) A cashmere jumper

“I bought a hot pink cashmere jumper on ASOS last year, and I know I’ll keep it for many winters to come. It’s so soft, so warm and so pretty (oh, and it looks great with black and gold, haha!). I’d be far more likely now to spring for a birra luxury cashmere when buying nice jumpers, but let’s keep it real, there’ll be many far cheaper and more disposable ones in my wardrobe as well. It’s a learning curve for me and my wallet.”
Stiall loves this cashmere style from Lucy Nagle
Holding design, Katie Gilligan

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