Being a sustainable consumer is no easy task. So we’ve enlisted the help of some of the Fashion Industry’s most respected Editors and stylists to tell us about their most coveted items and why they’re standing the test of time in their wardrobes.

This week, the very talented Jo Linehan gave Stiall the pleasure of asking her about what is most coveted in her wardrobe. Jo’s work can be seen in IMAGE Magazine, U Magazine and  The Independent to name a few. She’s also the co-founder of GAFF interiors, for all the home inspo you’ll ever needs. She has collaborated with the likes of Barneys New York  Umit Kutlok, Dublin Fringe Festival,  Universal and RTE. Today, Jo gives us the scoop on her style. As a pretty ruthless wardrobe declutterer, Jo says that she tries “to take stock each month of what I have and get rid of pieces I’m not enjoying or wearing (season-depending, of course). I try to be mindful when I buy pieces – do I really need it, is it going to serve me on are than one occasion – so the clothes that I do have are dear to me.” So what are the pieces that have stood the test of time.

A slip dress

Top of my beloved list is my hot-pink Topshop slip dress. I’m a 90s kid at heart, so anything that
speaks to my inner Clueless and Grunge girl tendencies i(depending on the day) is a goer in my
books. This silk piece was a steal. I spotted it in the Toyshop sale rack in Blanchardstown about six years ago for €20. I wear it every summer and it’s so versatile – throw it on over a bikini on the
each, under a leather jacket in he evenings, it’s perfect with sneakers or sandals, It’s a dream item that never fails to make me feel good, and I’ve already thought about having a replica made when it starts to disintegrate!

Slip dress, €120, Siizu

A Kenzo sweatshirt

I’m a total fashion nerd, which is why my Kenzo sweatshirt means so much to me. It was my first
big purchase as a magazine editor. I had had my eye on their statement sweatshirts for a while,
and when I was sent to London for a work assignment, I took a convenient detour to their store at
31 Bruton Street, to try one on. It’s from that collection a few years ago with those eye motifs. I’ll
never forget leaving the store with that plush KENZO carrier bag slung over my shoulder, the
jumper folded neatly inside, under layers of white tissue paper. I got on the plane back to Dublin
that evening and I felt like I had made it. Never mind it cost me my month’s rent. It’s one of those
iconic pieces that captures a moment in fashion history, and it aways makes me smile.

Sweatshirt, €235, Kenzo

A Maine University sweater 

I love my sister more than anything. I am so proud of her and everything she’s done. When she
won a scholarship to study in Maine University two years ago I thought I’d burst with excitement.
She returned after her academic stint armed with matching Maine sweatshirts for us both. It’s XXL and the cosiest thing I own. When I wear it I feel connected to her, no matter where we are.

Some special jewellery 

I’m a major clutz, so I’ve never invested in jewellery. I’ll either break it or lose it. However, I was
gifted two pieces from MoMuse this summer and I adore them. They’re precious to me. One is a
simple star, gifted to me by Mags who owns MoMuse, and one is a large black circular setting that my business partner Caroline gave me. I also just got a J necklace from Loulerie that I adore.

Necklace, €150, MoMuse

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