Being a sustainable consumer is no easy task. So we’ve enlisted the help of some of the Fashion Industry’s most respected Editors and stylists to tell us about their most coveted items and why they’re standing the test of time in their wardrobes.
We’re thrilled to have the Editor of Irish Country Magazine Jen Stevens join us to tell us what one of Ireland’s most well regarded editor’s has in her coveted wardrobe. Jen tells us about her Texas love affair and why kids should be taught how to sew a button.

1)A Louis Vuitton Neverfull

“I got a Louis Vuitton Neverfull for a Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday present in December 2015. I had been thinking about buying one for ages and had been into the boutique in Brown Thomas to visit them way too many times. I was very close to making the purchase but decided to wait for my usual Christmas Brown Thomas voucher from my parents to put towards it. My husband knows how long it takes me to make the decision to buy myself something expensive (funny I would by a new fridge/freezer in a heartbeat but would him and haw over a bag for a year) so he was safe in the knowledge that he’d be able to get it for me before I bought one. It was €975 which is a lot for a bag but I have it 21 months now and have used it almost every day. It’s my go to work bag and even if I only used it two thirds of the time that still brings it down to a cost per wear of €2 which is really good.
I have a couple of more expensive handbag which go on rotation. I love them all, they all have a story and it means that I am never tempted to buy cheaper more throwaway ones.”

2) A Joanne Hynes sweatshirt

Immediately after Joanne Hynes show in the foodhall of Dunnes Stores St Stephen’s Green last year I ran up the escalator to buy everything! I loved it all but I settled on a black sweatshirt with perspex embellishment and a blue trumpet sleeved dress. I wore the sweatshirt all winter and it got complimented almost every time. I love Irish design and I think it’s really important to support the industry here. I really appreciate everything Dunnes is doing by supporting indigenous talent and I make it a first port of call when I’m buying gifts. As well as Joanne there’s LennonCourtney, Carolyn Donnelly, Paul Costelloe, Helen James, Francis Brennan and Paul Galvin which is an amazing spread of Irish talent. I’ll be wearing my Joanne Hynes sweatshirt this winter along with whatever other purchase I buy from her next collection!

3) Allen’s Boots

“I have a love affair with Texas, it’s an amazing state. I’ve been there twice now and each time I’ve gone to Allen’s Boots in Austin and bought myself a pair of ankle high cowboy boots. They’re about $300 a pair but I had my first ones for three years and only replaced them on my second visit this year. They are amazing leather, handcrafted, absolutely beautiful and a real cowboy helps you pick them out – what more could you want!”

4) Sonia Rykiel sunglasses

“I like to buy a really good pair of shades and stick to them. I got this year’s beautiful Sonia Rykiel pair in TK Maxx back in March and was delighted with myself for my forward planning. They’re a classic pair and I’ll wear them for the next few summers. I don’t believe in getting new ones each and every year and the thoughts of multiple pairs just seems like a waste of time – once a pair is in my bag, I’d never remember to swap them each day! I’m more of a buy one really good thing and hang on to it til you break it person!”

5) Theory jumpsuit

“I got a beautiful black Theory jumpsuit in an outlet mall in Washington DC in 2011. I’ve worn it to weddings, to work events, on nights out – anywhere that I’ve wanted to look put together and sort of classy. It’s beautifully made, usually always fits and is very classic. I’ve hemmed it and restitched belt loops – it’s six years old and while the quality is great, things are going to come undone from time to time. My mum was a seamstress and while I’m not talented enough to make my own clothes, I happily mend things, darn things and sew buttons onto things I love. It’s so important to be able to do that, it really upsets me when people through things out because of a missing button. Every boy and girl should be taught how to replace a button in primary school!”
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