Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times


Being a sustainable consumer is no easy task. So we’ve enlisted the help of some of the Fashion Industry’s most respected Editors and stylists to tell us about their most coveted items and why they’re standing the test of time in their wardrobes.

This week we meet Dominique McMullan. You may recognise Dominique for from her regular appearances on Xpose, or for her no nonsense guide to fashion, beauty and travel in The Irish Times. She took some time to tell Stiall why basics are best, why a rain jacket is essential in Ireland and how investment buys stand the test of time.

A leather jacket

“I’ve had it for so long it’s like an extension of my body. It’s from a brand I don’t even recognise as I bought it second hand in Vancouver years and years ago. It wouldn’t have been particularly expensive but it’s the perfect fit for my shape. Every autumn and spring I find myself reaching for it as it’s just right for when the temperatures drop a bit.”

Vegan leather jacket, Free People, €138

A breton stripe t-shirt

“I’m astonished to be writing this but the second piece I always find myself reaching for is a Breton style T-shirt from none other than Penneys. I must have had it at least ten years, and it is still in perfect condition despite constant wearing and washing. It goes with everything and compliments a dressed down outfit as much as a dressed up one.”

Breton stripe t-shirt, Stiall, €55 

A rain coat

“A saviour for rainy days is my proper rain coat from The Great Outdoors. It’s bright red and keeps even the heaviest of rain at bay. I try to get out for long walks and the weekend, and this always comes with me, but I’ll also wear it for my walk into work if it’s pouring. It was an investment but if we’re talking cost per wear (and dryness!) then one that was well worth it.”

Rain jacket, Patagonia, €140

Lululemon leggings

“Another investment was my Lululemon leggings. I got a fright at how expensive they were initially, but since owning them the price makes sense. I’ve had my pair about a year and they’ve probably been washed 100 times. The material is still in perfect condition, and most importantly, when in downward dog, there are zero pants visible to the world.”

Leggings, Lululemon, €108

A white shirt

“It’s another important component of my wardrobe. I’ll update this about once a
year, while still incorporating the others that I’ve collected into outfits. Last year I bought one with huge sculptural sleeves, this year I bought one with an extended collar. Matched with blue jeans and my hair in a low bun, they make the perfect go to for a regular day in the office.”

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