Looking for a new pair of trainers but want to shop with a sustainable brand? There’s no need to compromise on style or price with Veja, who have options for under €100.


French brand Veja have been on the scene since 2004 and have proudly only ever used organic, raw and Fairtrade materials. Veja translates to Look in Portuguese Brazilian, and that’s what the brand want you to do – look beyond the shoe and look at how it is made.

The bottom line for Veja is transparency, log onto their site and you’ll understand every social and environmental impact of each step of the shoe you buy. You’ll see their efforts in making beautifully designed shoes. Shoes that are made with care – supporting communities and the environment.

One of the most Interesting point of difference with Veja is their ‘Zero Zero’ policy. They do not advertise and they do not over stock. The amount saved from no advertising “Means the farmers and producers Veja works with are fairly remunerated – to accommodate their social and environmental requirements.” 

No extra amounts of stock are ordered either – there is no last minute pressure on suppliers, they have 6 months advanced orders in place.

Veja take their environmental responsibility that little bit further by looking at transportation, packaging and electricity used. “All Veja trainers are transported by boat from Porto Alegre, Brazil to Le Havre in France. Upon arrival in Le Havre, the trainers travel in barges along the canals to the Parisian suburbs.”. Their shoe boxes are all recycled or recyclable and have been down sized to be more eco friendly and their headquarters use the untraditional electricity method of ENERCOOP ( a form of green electricity).

All this and they are slick in design. Check out our favourite styles below.

Esplar gold, €99

Esplar white, €99


V-10, €99,



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