She’s the Australian broadcaster for Spin 1038’s “Plan B on Saturday’s who now calls Ireland home. When she’s not reviewing movies for Ireland AM or chatting all things topical on TV3’s Elaine Show, she’s writing for her blog “The Bellissimo Files”. On top of all that she’s a mum to two and a ‘try hard runner’. So how does Sarina Bellissimo find the time juggle all this and the #stiallchallenge..

Sarina likes to shop with purpose

“Most of my work is based in town so I am constantly walking by the high street shops. If something in the window grabs my attention, or I have some time to spare, I will go in and have a look around. I also like to buy clothes when I am travelling. I go into stores that we don’t have in Dublin. It’s great to have something in your wardrobe that you know isn’t in everyone else’s too!
The only times I go out with the specific intention to shop is if I have a special occasion coming up or I realize that my wardrobe is missing an essential item”.

She loves a bargain 

“I have to learn, though, that just because there’s a massive saving, it doesn’t mean that it’s a great investment. I am getting better at this but sometimes still make the mistake of being persuaded by the saving rather than the love for the item!”.


She used to shop every week 

“I used to think that more was more and used to be out shopping every week to add to my wardrobe. The thing is, because a lot of the items I bought were on trend, it would constantly feel like there was nothing in my wardrobe – even though it was heaving! I now buy what I like (with a couple of on trend pieces) and can wear for many years to come”.

Shopping locally and supporting small businesses is important to Sarina 


“My favourite local store in Dublin is Bow and Pearl in the Swan Centre (Rathmines). I have bought many pieces from there that I’ve worn over many seasons. The bonus is that not every second person will have the items. If I can’t find what I need there, I usually find items on the high street – mainly Zara. I would love to buy from other small business but after 11 years here, I still don’t know
where to find these stores (I admit it’s laziness on my part – I need to get out of my comfort zone)”.


Online shopping isn’t for her 

“I wish I could shop online but my body shape means that I have to try everything on before I buy, so unless it’s presents for someone else, it’s not for me”.

We asked Sarina to come along to the photoshoot in her favourite pieces that she’s been using for the #stiallchallenge

“My look is all from the high street and I wear this often because it feels comfortable but I also feel good in it. My cardigan is from Penneys 2 years ago. I’m not really into wearing black. I know they say it’s a colour that suits everyone but I don’t feel it suits me – it washes me out. I love to be in colour.  The top I bought from a high street store Cotton On in Singapore, 3 months ago. I don’t usually buy baggy tops because they make me look bigger, but this makes me feel comfortable and I love the splash of red. The jeans are New Look and the sandals are from Mel in TJ Maxx, Las Vegas, 2 years ago. Remember how I said that I love a bargain? Well when I saw these I fell in love straight away, $15! many of the film stars I’ve interviewed, including Zac Efron, have complimented them!”.

30 days and 30 items for the #stiallchallenge, how was it for Sarina


“This challenge came at the right time. When I got back from my trip home to Australia in April, I was going through a bit of a cleanse and had cleaned out a lot of my wardrobe with most of it being donated to charity shops. What this challenge has taught me is that I have both more than I think and also less than I think I have. I am good for bottoms (plenty of skirts and trousers) but need a few more tops and a couple of good flat shoes to get me through the winter. Also, my wallet is fuller than usual. This has been a great way to save some cash and have a positive impact on the environment”.


‘It has cemented my view of we don’t need as many clothes as we think we do and it really is all about the investment buying. I would rather spend a bit more on something, knowing that I will have it in my wardrobe and get lots of use for years to come, than spend less and be buying more – and having a negative impact on the environment.”


The final say 

“I will be more mindful of what I buy. Asking myself, do I really need this and how much do I really love it? This has been a great challenge and everyone should give it a go. It’s much easier than you think it is and you will never look at your wardrobe in the same way again.”



Photography: David Gannon

With special thanks to The Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin


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