Even in all our efforts to be sustainable, sometimes we need something new for that special occasion. Enter Reformation.

The brand has been on the eco fashion radar since 2009 and the majority of it’s products are designed and manufactured in LA. Reformation are dedicated to always using the most sustainable and ethical practice for production, but never compromise on style. Check it out…


Amalfi dress, €186


The brand pride themselves on using the most eco friendly practices in production while always striving to minimize their water, waste and energy footprints. They’ve even developed a method calculating the exact environmental impact named RefScale.

RefScale looks at the water, carbon dioxide and waste of each individual item – sharing the comparison of industry standards and the savings made with an item from Reformation. This tool allows the customer to make a more informed decision, knowing the exact impact of their purchase while being safe in the knowledge that it is made as ethically as possible. See the finer details on this here


Thistle dress, €331


While Reformation provide healthcare and benefits for all employees they don’t shy away from admitting they are on a journey to making the workplace better, step by step  – “Most of our hourly workers are paid more than minimum wage, and over half are paid above the LA living wage threshold. We are working towards 100% living wages across the board.”


Rambla dress, €237


The company is B Corp certified, which you may have seen from our previous post means that the company are committed to making some great changes both socially and environmentally.


Positano dress, €212


So, we’re in love. A company that doesn’t claim to have it all figured out, are constantly aiming to improve and are providing some slick occasion wear along the way.

Check out their full collection here

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