We’ve given plastic the heave-ho for Plastic Free July, so we’ve found some better ways to bring lunch.

Container, €22.95

Airtight and available in 10 different sizes, perfect for soups and salads.

Dopper, €13

Putting water on a pedestal, this BPA free bottle supports communities in Nepal.

EcoDipper, €8

Snack time just got tastier. 

EcoLunch Kit, €35

A STIALL favourite, the perfect way to separate a lunch

KeepCup, €21.95

Growing in popularity, the KeepCup encourages users to say no to take away coffee cups.

Klean Kanteen, €28

Non-toxic, BPA free and leak proof – suitable for hot or cold products.

Lunchbots, €36

Best for dry foods, perfect for vegetable and nuts.

LunchSkins, €8

These grease proof and waterproof bags are the perfect alternative to tin foil and cling film. A velcro seal and BPA free.

So why should we care about going plastic free?

  • A lot of plastics can’t be broken down, meaning they are a permanent pollutant
  • Much of the plastic waste ends up in waterways, where scientists predict there will be more plastic than fish by 2050
  • We’re consuming BPA’s (Bisphenol A) that are present in our plastics and leaking into our food and drink. BPA’s are linked to a whole host of health issue, see here

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