In light of the #stiallchallenge, the point has been raised that if we take better care of our clothes, they last longer.

Maybe your method of clothes care is separating our whites and colours into two machine washes, a reasonably low heat and the hope they don’t shrink. Maybe you’re meticulous in your care. Whatever your care method, we thought it was worth finding a simple way of getting back to basics. Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest and after much trawling the of the internet we found a simple how to guide. 


Aside from the general care instructions, there are other ways you can make your clothing last for longer too and this is largely down to storage.

  • Store clothing in a cool and dry place. Excessive moisture or heat will lead to a nasty smell and even mould growing.
  • Don;t overpack clothing, both hanging and folded. It will cause them to lose shape and of course ironing can be a chore, so minimise your work load!
  • Invest in better hangers. There’s no point in investing in a beautiful coat, hang it up for the summer months and find the shoulders to be completely out of shape come next year. It’s the easiest way to keep your clothes in shape, 
  • Be careful of zips and sequins around woollens and delicate fabrics. One little snag can cause an item to be ruined. Turn zipped items inside out if there is a possibility of them getting in contact with delicate fabrics. Keep embellished and sequinned items to one side a cover with light breathable apparel paper. 
  • Save hanger space and fold clothing, especially woollens. They will loose their shape if hung on rail. 

What’s your top tip for clothing care? 

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