If you’re in search of fancy footwear and want to make the most sustainable choice, we’ve rounded up some of favourite brands.

Nina Z


Handcrafted, minimal and wearable. Nina Z was a brand born in a high rise apartment in New York from a Swedish woman who found a lack of great clogs. It all started in New York back in 2008 – Nina Ziefvert was a pioneer in ethical sourcing for shoes and clogs and the brand has now been picked up by stores all over the word.


Nina Z, €187



Certified with Ethical Clothing Austrailia, R.M. Williams has been in business for for almost a century. Originally made for Australians in the outback, these boots are made to last. So much so, that the business model is based on the items being repaired or replaced. These boots are built with longevity at the core and quality and design at the forefront.


R.M. Williams, €457


Proud Mary


Through exploring traditional craftsmanship around the world and understanding the unique process and techniques of artisans, Proud Mary have created a brand that not only creates great footwear, but gives an economic boost to regions through job creation. They’ve bridged a gap between fair-trade footwear and great design.


Proud Mary, €190




With the aim to be as eco-friendly and as possible Marais have launched a range that represents style and function. Made in Los Angeles, they’re proud of being both responsible in their production and committed to ethical fashion practices. These luscious red sandals are vegan, adding to the number of vegan options they have with each season.


Marais, €208


Fortress of Inca


Each pair of these shoes are handmade in Peru by fairly paid artisans. The brand focus on quality materials, design details and comfort for the wearer. “We feel that the people who make our shoes are just as important as the people who buy them. We also feel that our customers deserve the highest quality shoe, made in the best conditions and with the best materials available. Every step of the process is important to us.”



Fortress of Inca, €176


Brother Vellies


The brand have created and are proud to sustain the jobs of their workers in Africa. They even have a section on their site inviting customers to see the workers working conditions. The inspiration for the brand lies in Aurora James wanting to bring traditional African footwear to the mainstream retail landscape. The brand works with artisans in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco, creating “boots, shoes and sandals in styles that maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts.”


Brother Vellies, €444



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    Sharon @ A Journey of Steps
    2 years ago

    Thanks for putting together this list. I was wondering is there any sustainable footwear brands sold in Ireland?

    • Avatar
      2 years ago

      Hi Sharon! I know Buffalo are very involved in their show production and the team there create really sustainable high quality products. They’re located on 16 Exchequer St Dublin 2. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

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