Looking for the guide to buying ethical? Here’s what to ask brands about.


Check out our post on what labels mean what when it comes to ethical fashion HERE . It’s no easy task to gain such accreditations, so brands will plug these achievements on their platforms. So, if you have to look really hard, chances are they don’t have them.

What kind of materials they use

Does the company responsibly source it’s cotton, does it use recycled materials and is it supporting companies who are paving the way for eco friendly textiles? If they are, they’re not going to hide that information. Except to see fabric composition on each items tag or in the description online. Vague and uninformative? Uh-oh, it’s a no.

Are they actually transparent 

We’ve read a tonne of brand mission statements about how they carry out regular factory checks, they recycle fabric, audited regularly etc. The thing is, unless they can provide cold hard facts and figures proving diligence and improvement, well it’s anyones guess what moves they’re actually making.

Look through the fancy wording

So you’re checking out a brand and so far, you’re convinced. Let’s break this down even further. You’re looking a a swish sustainability plan, facts and figures provided. Let us play devil’s advocate. Sieve through the nitty gritty and fancy terminology and look to physical proof of progress. If they’re flogging new wares every few days, well that isn’t very sustainable now is it? You’re looking for plain and simple language.

Do they get back to your questions

If you’re unconvinced by a brand, ask some questions. Can they reply without a tinge of worry or without copying and pasting parts of a mission statement? It’s a simple way of weeding out the pack. Time is a ticking for a informative reply!

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