Who we are

Curious, conscious and concerned, Stiall isn’t here to be preachy – but to de-mystify sustainable fashion.

What we do

Created to provide a place where readers can access honest information on social and environmental policies of brands – helping you to make more informed decisions.

Our philosophy

Stiall – meaning to strip in the Irish language

verb – 1. Remove all coverings from.

Stiall wants to strip fashion back – support transparency and promote brands and movements mirroring our values.

Being a more conscious consumer doesn’t mean wearing hand-me-down hemp pants. You can still have great style and wear beautiful clothing.

Fashion can be sustainable and sustainability can be fashionable.

Linda Conway

Founder of Stiall

Former fashion editor Linda wanted to create an informative space for consumers. Following a study focusing on ethical practices and sustainability in the fashion industry, Stiall.com was born.

Sinead O’Reilly


A Creative Strategist who specialises in bringing brands to life through engaging content. Sinead’s interest in ethical fashion is focused primarily around accessibility, she believes through audience education it can become the status quo for all fashion lovers.

Amelia O’Mahony Brady

Contributing editor

Amelia is on a mission to injectsustainable fashion with colourful connotations; having previously partnered with Fashion Revolution Ireland to highlight second-hand shopping and slower consumer habits.

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