Ready to be a more caring consumer?

Love shopping but want to make a change? We can help with steps to being more sustainable.

1)Take a look: Research brands, their policies and where their clothes are made. In order to be more sustainable, the pace of the fashion industry needs to slow down.

2)Buy less: Let’s face it, we don’t need 10 different versions of a black t-shirt, nor do we need a trend that we will wear once (and may regret deeply).

3)Buy better: Think cost per wear. Better quality may mean a bigger price tag, but in the long run you’ll be glad you forked out extra for something that will last.

4)Take care: Pay attention to care labels and fabric make-up. Wash, dry and store clothing the way it is instructed and it should last well.

5)Recycle: When your beloved items are coming to an end, don’t think of chucking it in the bin. Repair, reuse or finally – recycle.

6)Think logically: Our fashion consumption levels are a recipe for disaster. McKinsey & Company found that the fashion industry’s environmental impact could greatly expand if “emerging markets (80%) achieve Western per capita consumption levels.’ So, buying that dress you really don’t need is contributing to the bigger issues.

7)Remember ‘Greenwashing’: Be aware of brands social and environmental policies in their corporate agendas. Greenwashing allows brands to use eco-friendly terminology like ‘ethical’, ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ to confuse the consumer, while still holding maintaining the same values of a fast fashion model. What can we do? Ask questions. Get in touch with brands on social platforms.

8)Realise the habits: Temptations involved in purchasing the of fast fashion may be more than a form of seduction from retailers, influencers and social media. Researchers from Standford, MIT and Carnegie Mellon have spent years studying our decision making process when shopping. They found the reasoning behind purchase choice, which fast fashion retailers are playing into. It’s the perfect marriage of reasonable price and how much the customer likes the item. Ask yourself, would you still buy it at three times the price?


What do you do in an effort to be more sustainable in your shopping habits? Share your tips tricks!



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