1800 gallons of water is required to make just one pair of jeans. Aside from the cotton required, dyes used and after care being an environmental issue, fast fashion has meant many of us have bought jeans that are only lasting us a few months. No more we say! We’ve found 13 pairs of deadly denims that stand the test of time and take environmental and social responsibility too.


Mud Jeans

Mud jeans are of a circular mindset and use only sustainable fabrics in their production. Although you can buy the jeans outright, They also offer a leasing system. You pay an instalment every month and after 12 months are entitled to a new pair. Your old jeans will be recycled and if you happen to need repairs at any time, that’s free of charge.

Mud Jeans, €98

Mud Jeans, €98

Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes create jeans that are based on the care of the garment workers and the environment. They resist a disposable attitude to denim and use high quality fabrics and procedures to ensure your denim lasts and lasts.

Monkee Genes, €108

Monkee Genes, €102


Kuyichi believe in taking full responsibility for their products – both environmentally and socially. They are committed to consistently improving conditions for garment workers and sourcing only organic or recycled materials for their range.

Kuyichi, €120

Kuyichi, €99.95

G Star Raw

The stand out feature for G Star Raw is that they publish a list of the names and locations of all the garment factories they use. The brand use organic cotton, recycled materials and innovative materials like Tencel to lessen their environmental impact.

G Star Raw, €90.96

G Star Raw, €70.97

AG Jeans

AG Jeans work in a vertically integrated system – meaning they have full control over their environmental and social impact. They’ve decreased their Ozone impact by 50% in recent years and have committed to making moves towards more environmentally conscious standards.

AG Jeans, €186

AG Jeans, €155


DL1961 is a favourite here at STIALL. They use Eco-friendly fibres, make continuous efforts to lessen their environmental impact and never compromise on style. The New York based brand produces domestically to monitor their supply chain vigilantly.

Dl1961, €155

DL1961, €172

DL1961, €172

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